Born To Be Bad: Demo; Album, 1975 Since 7/30/97
This album was a demo recorded in August 1975 (According to the back cover it was recorded after five days of being a band).
Running time: 35:39
It first found relaese in France and Spain in 1991. It was relaesed in the US, on the Marilyn label, in 1993.
Directed and produced by: Kim Fowely
The members that appeared on this album, are as follows:
Joan Jett : Vocals, Guitars
Sandy West : Vocals, drums
Micki Steele : Vocals, Bass

Several songs on the album were eventually rerecorded and released on other albums. They are as follows:
Is it Day or Night?: And Now the Runaways
Thunder: The Runaways
Rock-N-Roll: The Runaways
California Paradise: Queens of Noise
You Drive Me Wild: Live From Japan
Born to be Bad: Queens of NoiseQueens of Noise
Some interesting notes appear on the inside of the cover

The recording quality is absolutely lousy, however, for true diehard Runaways fans, it is a must have. Forget the fact that it has Micki Steele- who became a Bangle- it contains songs that do not appear on any other album. You can really hear the maturing process by listening to this album, and their so called professional albums and comparing them. I think that the band matured nicely from one album to the next and that can really be heard by Sandy's drums and Joan's singing. Yes I think they did wisely by bringing in another lead guitarist (Lita). It's also nice hearing them do covers of Ian Hunter (I'm a Star) and The Troggs (Wild Thing).

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Created 2/23/97