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Cherie Currie "Original" member

Born: November 30, 1959
Joined Runaways: 1976
Left Runaways: 1977 (After the Live album)
Instrument: Vocals, Piano

Hired because Kim Fowly believed that Kari Krome could not sing. The truth probably is that he wanted a blonde to front for the band.

Where is she now?
Recorded two solo albums including the soon to be re-released Messin With the Boys; recorded one album with Vicki Blue, with the Currie Blue Band; Did several movies including: Foxes (With Jodie Foster); several tv appearances. She also wrote an autobiography in 1989 called "Neon Angels: The Cherie Currie Story." Her Messin' With the Boys album will, hopefully, be rereleased on August 5, 1997, by Renaissance Records (It looks like CDNow will have it online.). Supposedly, she will be doing the vocals for a cover of Cherry Bomb by the Streetwalkin Cheetahs.

Runaways Albums Appeared on:

The Runaways(August 1976)
Queens of Noise(1977)
Live In Japan(1977)

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