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Joan Jett: original member

Born: September 22, 1958 (Yes, I do believe this is her real birthday...Sorry Joan.)
Joined Runaways: 1975
Instrument: Guitars (1975); Rhythm Guitar (1976-);Vocals (1977 after Cherie left-)

Joan is one of the real original members of the band. She was a friend of Kari.

Where is she now?
She has released numerous solo albums; appeared in a couple of movies. She is currently working on the Blackhearts 11th album (currently untitled), which should be released before New Year's.

Well I went to her show at the Birch Hill Night Club in Old Bridge New Jersey, and it was better than the last show of her's at the Beacon Theatre in New York a number of years ago. For one it was cheaper. I spent a total of $20 including gas and tolls to get to the concert (April 26/27, 1997). Whereas the tickets for the Beacon show had been $50, and she was on stage for about 50 minutes. This time she was on stage for about 1 hour and 20 minutes, so a come down in price and an increase in time. She also had a lot more energy this time around. Half the songs were pre 1990, and the other half were from an as yet unreleased album and more recent stuff. Maybe, my opinion of her can change, again. I now await the Blackhearts' 11th album. The new album, which has no official release date yet, but Joan said, hopefully, sometime in December. It is titled, for now, Headlock. Also, on another note, she has dyed her hair and now looks like a female Billy Idol, I don't know if that is the effect that she wanted, but I am not the only one to say this. She also has a soundtrack for a movie, entitled "Boogie Boy", in which she has a role which is also due to be released this year. She is still touring on the East Coast, for specific dates please check out the Official Joan Jett Home Page.

Runaways Albums Appeared on:

Born to be Bad(August 1975)
The Runaways(August 1976)
Queens of Noise(1977)
Live In Japan(1977)
Waitin' For the Night(1977)
And Now... The Runaways(1978)
Flaming Schoolgirls(1980)

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