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Lita Ford "Original" member

Born: September 18, 1958
Joined Runaways: 1976
Instrument: Guitars

Hired to round out the band. Found from Back Door Magazine.

Where is she now?
Where to start? She has released numerous solo albums, with the most recent being Black. She did a duet with Ozzy Osbourne which really helped to boost her career. She and Jim Gillette, her husband had a bouncing baby boy on May 13, 1997. His name is James Leonard, named after his father and grandfather. An already cut album is looking for a distributor for release soon. The band's name is Rumble Culture and Lita does not do that much singing, unfortunately. She has, my sources tell me, always felt that she can't sing (Sorry Lita I have to disagree).
She was voted Best Female Guitarist by Guitar Magazine in 1989.

Runaways Albums Appeared on:

The Runaways(August 1976)
Queens of Noise(1977)
Live In Japan(1977)
Waitin' For the Night(1977)
And Now... The Runaways(1978)
Flaming Schoolgirls(1980)

Solo Albums

Out For Blood(1983)
Dancin', on the Edge(1984)
Dangerous Curves(1991)
The Best of Lita Ford (1992)
Greatest Hits(1993)
A Future to This Life: ROBOCOP - THE SERIES SOUNDTRACK Various Artists (1994)

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