Since 7/30/97

Sandy West (pesavento) original member

Born: July 10, 1959
Joined Runaways: 1975
Instrument: Drums

Met Fowly in the parking lot of the Rainbow Bar, and the rest is history.

Where is she now?
Founded Sandy West Band and performs occasionally.She is currently in a new band, Sandy West Band. I hope to have more info. soon, so stay tuned. According to the "Official Sandy West Update": she had recorded a tape, in 1995, which can be bought at her websight. The tape was released through Black Heart News & Sandy West Enterprises. She met her current guitarist, Steve Jullien, at a jam in Orange County, Ca. Also, coming soon is a cd with 17 new songs, and she is currently touring with her band in California. Her home page now has a few pictures on it; including her with Cherrie and another with Joan.

Runaways Albums Appeared on:

Born to be Bad(August 1975)
The Runaways(February 1976)
Queens of Noise(1977)
Live In Japan(1977)
Waitin' For the Night(1977)
And Now... The Runaways(1978)
Flaming Schoolgirls(1980)

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