Since 7/30/97

Vicki Blue

Born: September 16, 1959
Joined Runaways: July 5, 1977
Instrument: Bass

Vicki was the fourth person to play Bass for The Runaways, including Micki Steele and Peggy.
During the recording of And Now... The Runaways Vicki got sick and was "replaced" by Lita. During the tour Laurie McCallister joined the band to play Bass. She also got sick. (What is it with The Runaways and Bassists?)

Where is she now?
She had formed the Currie Blue Band with Cherie, did a movie (This is Spinal Tap) and worked on the show Stories of the Highway Patrol.

Runaways Albums appeared on:
Waitin' for the Night
And Now... The Runaways

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